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What to do in an emergency

It is so important when a person is unconsciousness that you:

  • Check the mouth for any obstruction.
  • Tilt the casualties head backwards to enable to open the airways

In most cases, expert help should be available very quickly, but if you have an unconscious casualty, it is essential that his or her airway is always kept clear. If you cannot keep the airway open then you need to take action and turn the patient over into a recovery position. The priority is to keep the airway open.

Wounds and bleeding
Wounds and bleeding Open wounds should be covered immediately after washing your hands if it?s possible. Apply a bandage from the first aid kit over the wound and press firmly down on the area affected. The pad should be tied firmly in place. If the bleeding continues then seek professional medical attention immediately.
Minor injuries
Minor injuries should be able to be treated with what?s in your first aid kit. The casualty should wash their hands and apply a bandage to protect and prevent any further harm or infection from occurring.  Wounds should always be kept dry and clean as possible.
Suspected broken bones
If you suspect a bone has been broken, call for expert help straight away.

Burns can be serious if you?re in doubt then just call the emergency services. before that however you need to cool the part of the body irritated with cold water until the pain is has completely disappeared. Though cooling may take up to 15 minutes or even more this can?t delay taking the casualty straight to the hospital.
There are certain chemicals that can irritate or even damage someone?s skin, some more seriously than others. Treat it in the same way you?d treat other burns.

 Remove any clothing that may have been contaminated which is not stuck to the causalities skin. Make sure that you avoid contaminating yourself with the chemical when removing the item of clothing as this can be incredibly dangerous.